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Law firm

Our transformative workflow automation software and specialized apps significantly increased productivity, improved document accuracy, and boosted client satisfaction to near-perfect levels within two months of implementation at a legal firm.

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The legal firm was grappling with an overwhelming volume of documents that required frequent and repetitive updating with client data. This task, essential yet monotonous, had to be performed multiple times daily, consuming a significant portion of the firm's resources.

Additionally, a considerable amount of their workload involved following up on these documents through emails and responding to various client inquiries. This aspect of their work, while crucial for maintaining client relationships, was time-intensive and often diverted attention from more strategic legal tasks.

Compounding these challenges, the firm regularly engaged in drafting a variety of forms and waivers. Each of these documents was created from scratch, demanding hours of meticulous effort and expertise. This process not only slowed down their response time but also added to the already heavy workload, affecting overall productivity and efficiency.

Legacy state

Drafting and Data dept.:

9 people

Clients processed:

300 max / monthly


We implemented a transformative solution at the legal firm by installing our cutting-edge proprietary workflow automation software. Alongside this, we developed and integrated over 10 specialized automation apps tailored to their specific needs. These tools were quickly adopted by the firm's team for daily use.

The impact of this technological integration was profound and multifaceted. Firstly, it led to a substantial increase in overall productivity. The automation of repetitive tasks allowed the team to focus on more complex legal matters, significantly enhancing their efficiency.

Secondly, the accuracy of document processing improved dramatically. With automation handling the bulk of data entry and document management, the incidence of errors dropped to near zero. This precision in handling documents greatly reduced the risk of oversight and increased the reliability of their work.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, client satisfaction saw a remarkable improvement. Within just two months of using our software, the firm reported a client satisfaction score nearing the perfect mark of 100%. This was a testament to the enhanced quality of service, quicker response times, and heightened attention to client needs facilitated by our automation technology.

Automation state

Drafting and Data dept. :

3 people

Clients processed:

650 / monthly


We automated the data collection from CVs and user profiles with Machine learning and specific Large Language Model, processing 100x more data in 100x less time. Simultaneously we automated the processing of thousands of Job offers on a daily basis, mapping all the job offers data with every customer profile. This allowed the agency to successfully process and match such amounts of data for a single day, which they processed monthly before.

Automation state

Drafting and Data dept. :

Data processing dept.

3 people

Customers data processed

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