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Are you aware of how many team members repeatedly perform the same tasks daily?

AutomateLegal: Boosting Efficiency in Law Firms

In the dynamic environment of a law firm, where every minute counts towards billable hours, it is vital to recognize the impact of repetitive tasks on team efficiency and productivity. Considering that 30% of each workday is consumed by such tasks, and with 70% of these tasks being automatable, the potential for operational optimization is significant.

PreciseOps: Legal Efficiency, Automated.

By implementing solutions from EpicAutomations, law firms can ensure that these repetitive, time-consuming tasks are handled with precision and efficiency. This shift not only frees up valuable time for legal staff to concentrate on billable activities, which are crucial for the firm's profitability, but also enhances overall accuracy and consistency in task execution.

AutoEdge: Elevating Legal Productivity

Automating these processes is not just a matter of convenience; it's a strategic move to boost productivity, reduce the likelihood of human error, and allow legal professionals to focus on more complex, client-focused work. Such an approach ensures that law firms remain competitive, agile, and client-oriented in an increasingly digital and efficiency-driven industry.

Task and Workflow
Can it be Automated?
Case Law Analysis
Document Drafting
Legal Research
Client Communication
Case Summaries
Client Communication
Case Summaries
Contract review
Risk assessment reports
Document indexing and categorization
Legal briefs generation
Client intake procedures
Preparation of legal forms
Conflict checks
Legal audits
Many more…
Do you feel your firm provides appropriate
automation tools?

76.5% of the law firms don’t provide Automation tools to their employees.

Adopt AI automation to recapture this lost time, and improve profitability and operational efficiency.

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